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Planting The Seeds For A Perfect Family Reunion

4.26 Planning your family reunionToday’s families are more spread out than ever before. As family trees grow and branch out, so do the opportunities for quality time together. But, when families want to get back to their roots and reconnect with relatives from near and far, there is nothing like a good ol’ fashioned family reunion to sow the seeds of family community.

At Cheyenne Mountain Resort, we offer one-of-a-kind experiences and activities to help you plan a fun family reunion that all generations will enjoy.

Build A Canoe

Bring a little healthy competition to your next family gathering with this innovative team challenge. You’ll be divided into teams and each team will be given everything needed to build a canoe. Well, everything except for the instructions! When the building is complete, find out which branch of the family tree has the better design with the Sink or Float Canoe Off, a 50-yard canoe race on our 35-acre private lake.

Cause & Effect Charity Challenge

Strengthen the bonds of family and community when you come together to give back during your family reunion. At Cheyenne Mountain Resort, we are committed to giving back to our community. We offer the opportunity to partner with nonprofit and charitable organizations that are important to Colorado and the Colorado Springs area. Currently, you can choose from projects that benefit our service members, the environment, and pets.

Locally Sourced and Poured

This grown-ups only activity gives you the chance to create a brand new drink. One of our professional mixologists will start off with a short talk on the basics of spirits, after which there will be a quiz to test your mixology skills. But don’t worry if you didn’t catch everything. We’ll divide you into teams so you can pool your family resources together to come up with your answers. Every correct response earns your team the right to select an ingredient for your signature drink. After the quiz, you’ll get your ingredients and get mixing. Members of our Food and Beverage team and our mixologist will sample and judge your cocktail creations.

Cultivating Your Family Reunion Plans

At Cheyenne Mountain Resort, we are honored to be a place where families gather to relax, reconnect, and grow together. We are happy to facilitate group activities where you and your family will make memories to last a lifetime. Are you ready to start planning your Cheyenne Mountain Resort family reunion? Contact us today.


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