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5 Dishes to Try When Visiting Colorado

Colorado has a colorful scene for foodies. There are countless amazing dishes to try at restaurants all over the state. So where can you get a truly fantastic meal out of so many options? Here’s our list of 5 favorite dishes to try when visiting Colorado.

5 Favorite Colorado Dishes for Foodies 

1.  Palisade Peach Caprese Salad -- 626 on Rood, Grand Junction
The typical Caprese salad gets jazzed up in this dish. The area is known for Palisades peaches, and fresh ones adorn this mix of crisp basil and mozzarella, topped with a sauce made from tequila aged in a wooden barrel and infused with mint, basil, and smoked paprika.

DINING_Dinner Dining Wine Cheers Party Concept2.  Rosemary Grilled Buffalo -- Laughing Ladies, Salida
Lean cuts of buffalo are grilled and served with polenta, crispy fried onions, and a special poblano chili pesto butter. Poblanos are mild chili peppers that add a distinct southwestern flair.

3.  Colorado Stream Trout – San Luis Valley Brewing Company, Alamosa
Colorado’s favorite fish is baked in the oven and served with seasoned butter and a generous portion of roasted red potatoes, mashed potatoes, or wild rice. This is a classic answer to the question of what to eat in Colorado.

4.  Blackberry Truffle – Mouse’s Chocolates, Ouray
Belgian chocolate - milk, dark, or white - enrobes a blackberry infused chocolate filling. These are luscious little bites of heaven and one of the must try foods in Colorado.

5.  Colorado Springs
A themed buffet of CO comfort foods features a tender prime rib of beef cut to order. It’s complemented by a side of au jus and creamy horseradish.

Eat Your Way Around Colorado
It’s definitely worth it to try out these favorite Colorado dishes for foodies. While you’re eating your way around Colorado, we invite you to stay with us at Cheyenne Mountain Resort. Of course, we think enjoying one of the many meals offered at our resort is the perfect dining experience.





Plan the Perfect Fall Getaway in Colorado Springs

Colorado is known for its beautiful scenery and stunning mountain vistas. However, Colorado in the fall is even more breathtaking. Colored leaves crown the hilltops and the mountainsides with gold, rust, orange, scarlet, and yellow. In particular, the Aspen trees native to the region will be changing colors in a brief yet spectacular display. To truly enjoy these autumn sights, read on and discover the best rides and drives to see Aspen fall leaves in Colorado Springs.

Cheyenne Fall Bike TourFall Drives in Colorado Springs
The perfect fall getaway to Colorado Springs should include taking a jaunt through one of nature’s best shows, the changing leaves. Some of the best drives through the area include Frontier Pathways Scenic and Historic Byway in Southeast Colorado; Grand Junction to Grand Mesa in Northwest Colorado; Southwest Colorado’s Kebler Pass; and South Central Colorado’s Cottonwood Pass. The latter route in particular has the most Aspens in various stages of change throughout the season.

Fall Bike Tours
A great way to get out in nature and see the spectacular fall color in a leisurely manner is with fall bike tours. Kebler Pass needs to be mentioned again for its gorgeous and thick Aspen stand; meanwhile, the Scenic and Historic Byways that cross the state are also excellent biking opportunities. For fall-lovers who are also adventure-seekers, Vail Mountain has trails for mountain biking that let you travel down through the trees. Easier paths are also available for those who wish for a carefree ride in the crisp autumn air.

Whether you bike or drive through the gorgeous Colorado scenery in the fall, you’re sure to enjoy your trip. Stay with us and book our Fall Escapes Package at Cheyenne Mountain Resort to complete your autumn adventure.




Our Favorite Local Hangouts in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is full of great attractions, but if you’re looking for something slightly off the beaten path, search no further. Here are some of our favorite local hangouts in Colorado Springs.

How to Enjoy Colorado Springs Like a Local

Cheyenne Canyon Cheyenne View
Explore a stunning landscape at Cheyenne Canyon. Winding trails give a view of beautiful wildflowers, evergreen forests, rock formations, and waterfalls. Hike, bike, or ride on horseback. Various visitor centers dot the park that offer exhibits about this majestic area.

Ivywild School
Ivywild School is both a marketplace and communal gathering spot. Housed in a renovated school building circa 1915, it’s now a place for eating, drinking, events, community gardening, and more. Dining spots abound, including places for coffee and a pastry or bagel, lunch offerings, and dinner and beers from the resident brewery.

Cheyenne Mountain Resort Aquatics
Cheyenne Mountain Resort not only features four different pools; there’s also a private, 35-acre lake for all of the classic summertime activities in Colorado Springs you love: hanging out at the beach, boating, swimming, and more.

Red Rock Canyon Open Space
At Red Rock Canyon Open Space you’ll find beautiful rock formations without the crowds you might get at Garden of the Gods. Trails here feature wonderful overlooks, as well as the majestic beauty of the Colorado landscape.

Brooklyn’s on Boulder
The only speakeasy-style bar in town, Brooklyn’s on Boulder is naturally unique. Come for the finely-crafted cocktails and stay for the intimate atmosphere. You’ll be transported back to the Roaring 20’s and underground watering holes. Locals especially love the gin cocktails. For drinks, this is one of the favorite places to go in Colorado Springs.

Visit any of these spots to discover how to enjoy Colorado Springs like a local. While you’re at it, stay with us at Cheyenne Mountain Resort.




Things to See at Colorado Springs Fine Art Center

The Colorado Springs Fine Art Center is the place to get inspired. When you visit this cultural mecca, you’ll find out why it’s one of the best in the state and fantastic for indoor activities in Colorado Springs. For rainy days and sunny days alike, gather up the family and feast your eyes and ears on this must-see institution.

Upcoming Events for Family-Friendly Museums in Colorado Springs

Theater Performances

TheaterShear Madness – This is a whodunit show with interactive elements. It’s also hilarious. The plot follows the murder of an old lady who lives above a hair salon. The audience is invited to help put together clues and narrow down the suspects. The show is different for each performance, so watching it is always a unique experience.

The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales – Fairy tale characters that everyone will recognize are given new twists in this funny musical production based on the beloved book of the same name.

Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind – The famous 30 plays in 60 minutes are performed randomly with the audience invited to interact. Two minutes isn’t a lot of time to tell a story, but genres run the gamut from comedy to tragedy to abstract stories.

Featured Exhibits

A Reservoir of Occurrences – A collection of Stephen Batura’s work, which reinterprets historical photos from Charles Lillybridge into unique paintings.

All New Women – An exploration of portraits and self-portraits featuring the work of John Singer Sargent juxtaposed with that of modern artist Cindy Sherman.

Under the Big Top – See how the spectacle of the circus has inspired artists from various backgrounds and time periods in different mediums.

Book your stay at Cheyenne Mountain Resort to enjoy some time with friends and family this summer and experience great local attractions, including museums in Colorado Springs. We have a variety of hotel packages and amenities available for the entire family to enjoy!



2016 Colorado Springs Labor Day Lift Off

EVENTS_FESTIVAL_Balloon-Festival-Hot-Air-Balloons-launchingWatch a mass of hot air balloons ascend into the morning sky at the 2016 Colorado Springs Labor Day Lift Off. The sight of the brightly colored balloons floating into the sky against the backdrop of the beautiful Colorado scenery is a view you will not want to miss – it’s a postcard-worthy event that will take your breath away. Join the event on Labor Day Weekend, September 3rd – 5th, 2016.

Events at the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Colorado Springs

This hot air balloon festival in Colorado Springs is a wonderful chance to get out and experience something majestic. The balloons on display will be rainbow-colored, checkered, striped, shaped like animals, and more. Read on for some of the activities you can enjoy during this Labor Day family-friendly event.

Balloon Rides

Check in bright and early at 6 a.m. to hop aboard a balloon for a 45-minute ride you’ll never forget. You’ll be escorted to the launch field, watch your balloon inflate, and go on a jaunt in the air among a bevy of other hot air balloons. The experience is one that requires a camera, for the views will be nothing like you’ve ever seen.

Lift Off and Glow

At 7 a.m. each morning during the weekend, arrive to watch the balloons lift off in a spectacular display. Families are invited to walk among the balloons as they inflate, too, starting at 6:30 a.m. Come back each night at 7 p.m. to watch the balloons light up their burners and glow as they rise into the night sky.

These Labor Day family-friendly events in Colorado Springs is not one to miss. In addition to all the balloon excitement, there will be entertainment, including music and skydiving, as well as lake activities to enjoy and vendors to check out.  Cheyenne Mountain Resort wishes everyone a fantastic weekend in Colorado Springs at the balloon festival.